Three Learnings on Circular Innovation

Moving to a circular economy requires new thinking, unprecedented creativity and invention, but how do you practically harness this in an innovation projects? This post introduces three recent learnings, which I’ve integrated into the Circular Innovation Sprint: our universal process to unearth breakthrough ideas and opportunities fast. It’s been an intense year of Circular Innovation and Design for me which has included: pioneering work on Winnow Solutions’ world-first AI-enabled smart scales that help commercial kitchens be more profitable and sustainable, recent work on a Circular Innovation discovery project for a US beauty brand, plus running Circular Sprints, Hackathon’s and Thinkathon

The State-of-Sustainability from Packaging Innovations London 2019 Event

I spent Wednesday at Packaging Innovations London 2019 conference, checking out the state-of-play in the industry. Here are my top take-aways, in short-hand format, in case you couldn’t attend or want to concur/build/disagree/comment. 1/ Sustainability is THE Packaging Industry Trend: I’d say 50% of seminars and presentations were about sustainability, while more than half the stands were blue or green, filled with marketing claims about eco/earth-friendly/sustainable/regenerative/etc. This may not surprise, but was interesting to physically see and experience this. 2/ A Business Case for Growth is Emerging: there were heartening stories of business success from sustainable packaging, notabl

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