Sustainable Behaviour by Design

In the fourth article on sustainability and design, Chris Sherwin makes the case for design as an essential part of the sustainable behaviour toolkit. This was written as part of the Guardian Sustainable Design series whilst Head of Sustainability at Seymourpowell. If you're reading this over morning coffee or afternoon tea, chances are you'll have put the kettle on. Putting aside the sustainability impacts of coffee, tea, milk or sugar sourcing, which an eco-literate audience will likely know, or the social value, conviviality and cultural importance of these rituals, the humble kettle itself encapsulates many of the central sustainability challenges around behaviour change and consumer eng

Design and Cleantech: a winning combination

Written in a past role as Head of Sustainability at Seymourpowell, this third article in the Guardian series on sustainability and design makes the case for using design to help clean and green technologies succeed. A few years ago, green start-up Intelligent Energy (IE), the proud owners and developers of a world-class hydrogen fuel cell, faced a real challenge. The world was proving slow to grasp the potential of their technology, so they turned to an unusual source for help. Instead of asking an adman or management consultant about the best way to sell their cell, IE looked to a team of designers. Over the following years, IE worked with their design partners to produce a compelling produ

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